Today, I choose to love myself.

©2020 Sharon Martin, LCSW


For a long time, I’ve believed that I’m unlovable, unworthy, and not as good as everyone else.
Now, I’m trying to change these self-critical thoughts because I realize they’re built on shame.
I realize that they are the result of toxic shame – shame that I inherited from my family when I was young and unable to understand that I am not the cause of my family’s dysfunction and problems – and shame that I reinforced by blaming myself and accepting responsibility for things I couldn’t possibly control or cause.

Today, I choose to free myself from shame. I choose to believe in my inherent worth.

People have abandoned me and let me down in the past. And this has been very painful. I’ve felt sad, angry, and confused, but haven’t known what to do with my feelings.
Now, as part of letting go of my shame and feelings of unworthiness, I will allow myself to feel all my feelings. Instead of suppressing and numbing my feelings, I will comfort myself in healthy ways. I will invite more self- compassion into my life. I will say nice things to myself and treat myself with loving care.

Today, I choose to love myself.

Because I’ve been hurt, it’s sometimes hard for me to trust myself and others. That’s understandable. But I know that putting up emotional walls isn’t healthy either.
I will try to slow down so that I can listen to my thoughts, feel my feelings, and hear my intuition. I will go slowly in new relationships and let trust develop over time. I will also practice setting clear boundaries so that others know what my expectations are and how I want to be treated.

Today, I choose to trust myself and to slowly learn how to trust others.

I realize that I don’t have to be perfect to be lovable. And I don’t have to be the best or most accomplished. In the past, I’ve based my self-worth on my accomplishments and appearance.

Today, I choose to free myself from perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking.

I choose to love myself despite my flaws and mistakes and imperfections. Sometimes it isn’t easy, but I will keep trying little by little to notice what’s special about me – not just my accomplishments, but my personality traits and talents and good qualities.

Today, I choose to love myself just as I am.

Today, I choose to let go of shame, self-criticism, and feeling not good enough.

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