The parasympathetic nervous system acts like a brake in our body. ‘Rest & digest response ‘that helps us to calm the body down after the danger has passed. 

Here’s a breathing technique you can try.

Sit in a quiet place and pay attention to the breath. Listen to the rhythm of it in your chest. Is your heartbeat fast or slow? What kind of day have you had? Now allow yourself to take a deep breath through your nose for the count of 5 then hold it for 5 beats then slowly release the breath through your mouth for 5. Repeat this 5 times each day. Relax your shoulders. How do you feel? It will only take a few minutes but will help you to stop what you’re doing and be in the present, leaving any worries for a short time and give your body time to regulate again.

Ways to release stress in your body. To be able to release stress from your nervous system is going to be to your advantage. There are different things you can incorporate into your life which can reduce anxiety. I’ve included a few suggestions here: Go for a  daily jog, a walk in nature, swimming, dancing, singing, or gardening.

Other alternatives might be yoga, meditation, tai chi or qi gong.

Technical disturbances overload. 

Such as by notifications on your computer or phone that pop up.  Information from your T.V or radio which may be changing how you feel by what you are listening to.

Ask yourself what is this doing to support my nervous system? Is it involuntarily reacting to these things that you are reading unconsciously?

If you decide it isn’t helping you to stay calm then remove them from your computer or phone as soon as possible.

Activities that make you lose track of time. 

Bake something tasty for you and your loved ones.

Have a go at painting or drawing.

Laughing out loud is great for the nervous system; it stops distressing emotions.

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